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We bring the plant into the school, not the other way around. Our training hardware is authentic and duplicates the plant-floor equipment the technician encounters the first day on-the-job.

Trainees develop competent skills faster when learning on real plant equipment. This eliminates the additional on-job-training required by traditional lecture/lab “entry level” training.

Plant-Tech training hardware is UL Listed and manufactured in Tennessee to UL508A and NEC409 specifications.


Adaptive training technology provides flexibility in the training hardware:

  • Plant-Tech training hardware is modular and adaptable to specific equipment brands in most plants.
  • When a new technology appears in plants in your service area, ATT allows for easy updating to your existing training hardware.


Plant-Tech electrical enclosures are standard NEMA 1. Inside the enclosure are pre-mounted and pre-wired components common to all control circuits. This includes switches, indicators, breakers, fuses, safety relay, terminal blocks, wire-ways, main disconnect, and low-voltage power supplies.


These panels have mounted power control components such as motor drives, starters, PLCs, etc.

Draw-out panels are wired and bench-tested by trainees and installed in the enclosure. Once installed on four threaded mounting points, they are interconnected via the main multi-level terminal strip to the prewired switches, lamps, speed controls and then operated, tested, and adjusted.

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