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TECHSKILLS INTERNATIONAL (TSI) offers PLANT-TECH TRAINING® to prepare individuals to install, test, operate, troubleshoot, automated manufacturing systems in today’s modern plants. PLANT-TECH TRAINING® prepares trainees for certification offered by many certification organizations.

Our training programs are not specific to any brand or manufacturer. This assures that technicians with TSI training can competently complete and perform their tasks on all brands and types of modern manufacturing and production equipment.

PLANT-TECH trainees develop technical know-how and hands-on performance skill standards that are measured by criteria verified by industry subject-matter experts. Measurement criteria from NFPA, NEC, U.L.508, and OSHA is included when required by national best practices and/or regulations.

For the past 45+ years, our Instructional Technologists have designed and developed technical training programs for industry, technical schools, and universities. We employ the Competency-Based Training (CBT) methodology of design, development, and implementation. This process assures that workers and students completing our training programs are qualified and competent technicians. Our industrial clients have included Fortune 100 companies.

We use the performance criteria data from skill and knowledge analysis of expert job incumbents at these companies. This information from the “plant floor” serves as the measurement standards in our knowledge and skill assessments.


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