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A Complete “Plant-Floor Ready” Training Program in Industrial Controls and Automation for a 21st Century Workforce.

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OUR MISSION: Provide authentic skills-based training for the 21st-century workforce in industrial controls and automation with emphasis on installation, preventive/predictive maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Our training hardware duplicates plant floor equipment (NEMA 1 enclosures, components are U.L. listed/U.L. recognized).


Our skill standards are authentic, measurable, and observable guaranteeing 100% competency.


Hands-on skill development is driven by authentic plant work orders.

Proper Standards

Trainees learn to correctly wire industrial terminal strips following color codes and wire size directed by U.L. 508 and NEC 409 standards for industrial control panels.

Plant Floor Ready

Plant-Tech Training produces plant technicians with hands-on skill sets to keep the plant up and running. Plant-Tech technicians have the skills to meet the standards listed by the NEC, UL, NFPA, and OSHA. Technicians trained with our system are “plant-floor ready” and require only local plant orientation.

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